Kind Words


"Reena Rose is absolutely incredible!! She was wonderful to work with throughout our wedding planning process and she kept me calm leading up the big day AND on the big day itself.....not to mention, I have already gotten a million comments regarding how beautiful the sneak peek photos are. Throughout the wedding, I barley even knew she was there, as she let me enjoy the day, while also making sure to capture each moment!! I would highly recommend her to any bride-to-be!!! THANKS REENA!!!"  

~ Lauren & Bryant 

"Reena is a former colleague of mine and I was so thrilled she was available to shoot my wedding on Saturday night! She and her husband Max (who assists her) were FANTASTIC and made everyone feel so comfortable. She even got my husband's grandfather to smile :) Reena handled all of the logistics flawlessly and with patience, humor and professionalism. She was also on top of all the details including remembering to grab my college friends for a photo, shooting special heirloom items, our rings, etc. Reena was, as expected, just a joy to work with!"  

~ Katie & Corey 

"Reena Rose Photography is absolutely amazing. I was a bridesmaid in a wedding when I met Reena and Max and absolutely fell in love with there style. You can tell that Reena and Max truly love their craft. From the moment that I contacted them they were responsive and helpful. Reena goes above and beyond to get the best photographs possible. She also makes sure that every detail is perfect from the lighting to the positioning. On the day of my wedding Reena and Max both arrived early Reena went to my parents house while Max was that my husband's house. They each made sure to capture every moment of getting ready and got all of the pictures they possibly could at the church. Upon arriving to my reception we found that there were not many places alloted for us to take pictures. Reena however made sure that she found all of the hidden gem at the place of our reception to get ALL of the best pictures. Reena made sure that we had all of the photographs we needed and beyond. It was an honor to have both Reena and Max at our wedding and they were the best decision we ever made. From the sneak peek of our wedding photographs as a couple we agreed that the pictures are breath takingly beautiful. We can not say enough good things about Reena and Max even my father who never comments in anything said that he could not believe how attentive and on top of everything Reena is. Anyone who does not use their services is definitely missing out!" 

~ Demi & Patrick  

"Reena was the perfect photographer for us! She's a real working photojournalist who's won awards, and an extremely sweet and fun person too. She has a great eye, and she and her husband Max managed to be everywhere at once and yet totally unobtrusive. We wanted nothing gimmicky, and we didn't want to divert any of our time with guests into worrying about the pictures. Reena understood us perfectly - she followed us around and got a zillion great candid shots and spontaneous poses with our family and friends and the art. She made us look beautiful and she caught our happiness. 

Our wedding was in the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, NJ, with the reception in the Newark Museum. We did our engagement shoot in Branch Brook Park in cherry blossom season - on an unseasonably chilly afternoon after work - Reena knew all the best spots in the park, and it turned out magical. Weather and traffic kept us from taking our posed wedding pictures there - but Reena quickly came up with the perfect solution: you'd never guess that the lush green background in our photos is just the front landscaping of the museum! 

Her pricing is extremely reasonable and she delivered on time. We got all 200+ engagement pictures and 1200+ wedding pictures in high-resolution electronic format, plus an online site where guests can browse pictures and purchase prints. (We're making our own album.) We chose Reena based on her work we saw online, and because she'd shot in the Cathedral before. 

We asked Reena to take lots of pictures of all our guests. And did she ever! We have so many great shots of our cousins and friends, which we've shared with them to their great delight. But little did we realize that my beloved godfather (who was in the wedding) would pass away the week we received our photos from Reena. We were able to pull together a memory book quickly for the family, and one of Reena's photos actually became the thank-you card for mourners." 

~ Suzanne & John 

"Pictures are a huge part of my life so naturally having the right photographer for my wedding was very important to me. We could not be happier with having Reena Rose as our photographer! We hired her after she was recommended by my now brother-in-law who had previously worked with her at the Jersey Journal. We wanted natural candid shots that captured the emotion instead of those staged artsy shots, and Reena was the perfect fit! 

We first met Reena at our engagement shoot, and it was like we were seeing someone in our family! She is professional, fun, and dedicated. She really listened to what I wanted and worked hard to get the perfect shot. I was very satisfied with our engagement pictures, and we received many compliments! I knew having her for our wedding would be a success. 

As expected, Reena and her husband Max did an awesome job on the day of our wedding! They worked with us and our wedding planners before the day so they knew what we were looking for and what shots we needed to take. Everyone in my bridal party was impressed with how professional and down-to-earth Reena and Max were. They were very friendly and cordial. They made the day fun! We took some really great shots on a school bus and in a museum exhibit with our large bridal party, and they did an awesome job of keeping everyone focused! 

I have shared some of the many wedding pictures Reena took, and I have received so many compliments so far. Lots of likes and comments on my social media pages! Direct quotes from my friends include: “Your photographer nailed it.” and “I am so in love with all of your wedding pictures!” I could not be more satisfied with the pictures. 

I would definitely recommend Reena Rose Photography (and already have!) to be your photographer for any event. Not only is Reena a great person to work with, she provides quality service at a good value. I can’t thank Reena enough for her work. She was able to perfectly document the most perfect day of our lives." 

~ Rachelle & Tim 

"We can't say enough about the pictures Reena took of our wedding. She seemed to be everywhere at once -- we can't think of one moment from our special day that she didn't capture. And she captured the very essence of our special day. When we look at the photos (which we still do, one year later, often!), we remember what a wonderful time we and all of our guests had. On top of the fabulous photos, she was super friendly and a breeze to work with. We can't say enough about her!" 

~ Terrence & Greg 

"My husband and I are both so happy with the photographs that Reena took at our wedding and with our experience with Reena throughout the planning process. She was always very responsive to emails and explained her process to us so we knew what to expect on the big day. I was so surprised at how she was able to capture so many moments in such a short period of time that were both photojournalistic and stylish. I'd highly recommend Reena to any of my friends!" 

~ Margot & Kevin 

"Thank you so much for the beautiful photography! You captured the day perfectly and we feel so fortunate to always have these wonderful pictures of our special day! It was so nice working with you and we look forward to seeing you in the future and meeting the baby! Thanks again!" 

~ Amy & Damian 

"We know we wanted a photo-journalistic look to our photos because we had been in some weddings with the cheesiest of posed photos. Reena and her husband Max were both fantastic. They caught moments other photographers would have glossed over. Reena always has a smile but once it was go-time for photos she was focused and intense - and she snapped away. The fact that she caught special moments was particularly important to us since we didn't have a videographer. My husband is camera shy and Reena made him feel very comfortable. We also got our photo CDs well within three weeks of our wedding. Reena and Max were wonderful - I would recommend them to anyone. I will treasure these photos forever." 

~ Michele & Thomas 

"Reena and her husband Max were absolutely amazing! We were looking for a photographer with a unique photo-journalistic style and personality - one that could make the day seem real (and not posed). The day went by so quickly but they were able to capture all the best moments. Every picture was stunning, we can't stop smiling and looking through them. Reena was professional, friendly and helpful throughout my time with her - from the engagement session to the actual wedding day we had nothing but great experiences :). I would highly recommend her to anyone - you can trust her completely with your day! Thanks Reena!" 

~ Stephanie & Stuart 

"Hi Reena and Max!! 

Just returned from our honeymoon a bit ago….I can’t even begin to tell you how happy Victor and I are with our wedding photographs! They are better than we could have ever imagined! I keep looking at them over and over and every time I have a new favorite. You are so extremely talented and wonderful to work with. You guys are such a wonderful team–it’s so clear that you really worked together to capture such special moments on our day. We had several guests comment on how professional, friendly, talented, and completely un-obtrusive you were the entire time. We are amazed at your ability to capture fantastic memories as we didn’t even notice your presence for the shots! Your ideas, angles, and verbal direction were so unique and creative. I simply cannot say enough good things about our experience with you both on the day and the wonderful results!! Victor and I will most certainly recommend you to future married couples and our friends! 

THANK YOU so so much for capturing the best day of our lives in the most perfect way possible. Of course, absolutely, we would LOVE if you added us to your blog!" 

~ Susan & Victor 

"As a fellow wedding photographer, I naturally contemplated hiring myself to shoot my own wedding, but then I realized that probably wouldn't work out so well, and the bride wasn't so pleased with the idea either. So I turned to my incredibly talented friend and former colleague, Reena, to shoot my wedding. She did not disappoint! She truly delivered stunning images that really captured the moments of the day, and the best part is I didn't have to worry once that something was being missed because I know and trust her skills! Reena of course is prompt, professional and goes the extra mile to get those perfect images you expect from your wedding photographer. She captured all of the details at the wedding, too, which was very important to the bride." 

~ Sarah & Max 

"I would absolutely, without any hesitation, recommend the immense talent that is Reena Rose!! I'm not sure there are enough positive words or phrases in the English language to properly convey Reena's ability and personality! She is incredibly talented behind the camera lens and she is also a delightful person to work and communicate with, especially during a stressful time like a wedding!! I can't tell you how many times my new wife and I have gone over our pictures and have laughed, cried (all good tears) and felt like we were re-living that amazing night all over again. That is how powerfully talented Reena Rose is when she is in her zone and she doesn't leave that zone until the last possible moment. Capturing moments that will bring us a lifetime of smiles and stories!! People, if Reena Rose is on your list of potential wedding photographers do yourself a huge favor and contact her!! You will not be disappointed, in fact you will be as speechless as we were upon seeing the results and you'll have also gained a wonderful person as a friend!!" 

~ Kelly & Michael 

"I have to give Reena a lot of credit and a very special review. I had an outdoor ceremony in a sculpture garden, which didn't allow tents. It was a beautiful day, but unfortunately, just as my ceremony began the skies opened up and a bad little storm blew in, which lasted exactly as long as the ceremony. Needless to say I was absolutely devastated. The ceremony was at a breathtaking location and so much planning went into the day and it poured. My husband and I were pretty bummed the first day or two of our honeymoon until Reena started emailing us a few special pictures. Despite it all, our pictures were as beautiful as we imagined the day would be. Now that I am home I can't stop looking at them. All of the bad feelings about the rain have been completely over taken by the awesomeness of our pictures. They really wound up looking like photos you would see in a magazine. I am so happy to have them as the memory of our day, instead of the horrible rain storm I have in my head. I am an Art/ Art History person and aesthetics are very important to me. I was unbelievably pleased with the artisticness of our pictures and the interesting perspective from which the pictures were taken. I was very concerned about having a good photographer that didn’t take glamour shot type, cheesy wedding pictures; I was right on with Reena. I have so many favorites I can’t choose which to put in frames. One of the things I really liked best about Reena was that right after the ceremony, we were so flustered by the rain, no one was into the family portraits. Reena powered us through them and they turned out beautiful. I am not a portrait person at all and was shocked to see our bridal party portraits! By the time the portraits started, it was again sunny and beautiful out. We took portraits all over the sculpture garden and Reena was amazing at capturing the beauty of the garden and integrating it into our portraits. Reena is very versatile and when the reception started, totally switched gears and went into photojournalistic mode, which was exactly what I was looking for. From beginning to end Reena did exactly what I was looking for! Artistic in the sculpture garden, photojournalistic at the reception. It was just perfect! I should also add that Reena as a person is incredibly sweet and friendly. She was a pleasure to have around and that is important in itself. I’ve heard horror stories about brides hating their photographer and it ruining the day (because you are with them all day). I would highly recommend Reena to any bride. I wish I could post some examples with this review. PS- My wedding venue liked my pictures so much they asked me to send them a disk, so they can frame..." 

~ Cherie & John 

Bride: "Hi! The honeymoon was incredible. We got the DVDs. We love the pictures and you are more than welcome to post whatever pictures you want on your blog! Thank you so much for capturing our special day. We would highly recommend you to anyone! We are glad that you had fun!" 

Groom: "Thanks for the most amazing pictures of our wedding! You are awesome! I already recommended you a bunch!" 

~ Jessica & Robbie 

"I cannot begin to say how happy we are with photographs Reena took for us at our wedding. From our first meeting where we talked about what we would like, to other conversations, to the day of, when she documented everything with such thoroughness, that in looking at the pictures of the Reception I can basically remember the song that was playing at the moment of most pictures! 

Reena gave us a few photos within a few days and then set up a website for guests, and emailed out our DVD within 2 weeks. 

What for me was particularly wonderful about Reena’s work, was her ability to capture my family and friends in tender moments, and moments when it is clear they are having a great time. In addition, it is something of a miracle that my father was both able to walk me down the aisle, and have a father daughter dance (and was not with a cane or in a wheelchair). That fact that in none of the photographs do I see him wincing in pain, or does it appear like he’s limping is something I will always cherish, in addition, to the number of candid tender moments she caught between me and my husband." 

~ Kelly & Martin 

“Words cannot express the joy that we felt reviewing the photos which captured our magical day. Please use us 

as a reference, as we would recommend you to anyone!” 

~ Jessica & Stephen 

“Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did in 

photographing our wedding! The day was such a blur, 

but looking at your photos we can re-experience the day at our own pace. Thank you for being such an upbeat 

wrangler of relatives, and so stealthy in catching great moments.” 

~ Joy & Seth 

"Reena was absolutely fantastic! She has an amazing, up-beat personality and was fabulous to work with before, during, and after the wedding! She showed up early, really worked the space (I have no idea how she flitted around the room so quickly!), and went above and beyond the call of duty. She's original, and comes up with great ideas for conceptual pictures, too! And the pictures were gorgeous! I really can't say enough good things about her - I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer. Thank you, Reena!" 

~ Laurie & Chris 

“Thank you so much for everything! The pictures are 

fantastic. If you ever need a reference, please let us know, we would be happy to provide.” 

~ Neenah & Alok 

"Reena (and her partner husband Max) were an absolute 

pleasure to work with. They were flexible, no pressure and non-intrusive. True professionals. Reena is extremely open honest and upfront, no surprises. She delivers absolutely amazing pics and in unrivaled quality. She is priced competitively. Reena has a personal touch that most couple look for when it comes to their big day. By the end of the day she felt like family. She deserves 10 Stars!" 

~ Christine & Justin 

"We LOVE our pictures. Absolutely love them!! Everyone who has looked at them has commented on what great shots they are. The day of the wedding people were talking about our 'amazing photographer' who was 'everywhere all the time!' We don't think we could have picked a better person to capture our day." 

~ Meghan & Justin 

"reena! you did such a fantastic job. we are soo pleased 

with them. you captured every emotion and moment possible. thank you thank you thank you! we will relive the day & moment over and over thanks to your work. thank you for being a part of our wedding. if you want any sort of recommendation - send them my way!" 

~ Amy & Marc 

"We love the photos. You guys did such an amazing job. 

We couldn't have asked for anything more. We can't wait 

to see the last 200! My parents also loved them. We have a 

computer hooked up to our tv so we saw everything on the big screen. Amazing. Again, thank you so much and feel free to use either of us as a reference." 

~ Jennifer & Patrick 

"We have received the dvds and the photos are amazing! I would have emailed you sooner but I've been spending every free moment looking at them. We love them, thank you so much!" 

~ Renee & Tim 

"Thank you so much. We received our pictures...and we loved them, you did such an excellent job they were really just outstanding, we've received so many compliments from family and friends that have seen the pictures. Thank you for an awesome job! We are so happy we had a chance to meet you." 

~ Ashley & Anthony 

"The photos are awesome! You did such a super job of capturing the event in the craziest circumstances -- cold, improvised portraits -- nothing was simple. But the photos came out great. I love seeing everyone having a good time... Our families will be so happy to see them. And now I have proof for my colleagues and friends... Thank you so much for your efforts and sharing your talent." 

~ Raquel & Peter 

"(We) would like to take a moment to thank you for everything you did for us at our wedding! You were absolutely wonderful and our pictures came out amazing! We love them so much! You captured our whole wedding day beautifully and even added a few laughs for us! We got nothing but compliments from our guests about how great you were and we definitely agree. You are an amazing photographer and we were so lucky to have you for our wedding. Thank you so much for making our wedding a day we will never forget!" 

~ Kimberly & Randy 

"We got our pictures today... and I just wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for them!! You captured the day - everything looked great! We can't thank you enough for your work. It is so much appreciated!!! We can look back for the rest of our lives at really great photos!!! Thanks again!" 

~ Ashley & Josh 

"Thank you so much for your excellent work at our wedding! 

We were so pleased with how the photos turned out. The whole day was like a dream come true and you and your husband helped make it happen. When I was looking through the pictures I saw how each shot sprang to life and helped to tell the story of our special day. We also loved those dancing shots! Best of luck to you both now and in the future." 

~ Peggy & Brian 

"WE LOVE THE PICTURES!!!! They are so beautiful! I am elated with how they came out. Thank you so much for shooting our wedding. If you ever need a recommendation, I'd be happy to tell anyone how happy I am with your work and how smoothly my day went because of you! 

~ Nikki & Michael 

"Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did. We absolutely love the photos. They really captured our day. Everyone who sees them says how great they came out. Thanks again." 

~ Kelly & John 

"Thank you so very much! I cannot thank you enough for making the day so easy and special! Everyone comments how wonderful you were to work with... Just wanted you to know that I saw the pics for the first time and they are AMAZING!!! Thank you so very much! They are just wonderful. Thank you again for all of your super hard work and great talent!" 

~ Rachael & Kirk 

"I absolutely love our photos! Thank you for coming down and doing such an amazing job. We are all really happy with how they turned out and can't get enough of them." 

~ Kristina & Dan 

"The pictures are wonderful. You seem to be everywhere 

at the same time. Reviewing them was like reliving the wedding and seeing everything we missed too.Thanks for the amazing work!" 

~ Christine & Lou 

"The photos arrived today, and they are perfect! Thank you so much for all of your hard work -- you really captured the joy of the night. We love the photographs!" 

~ Dana & Mark 

"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful pictures 

you took at my daughter's wedding. I can hardly wait to see those beach pictures. I was delighted to have met you. I wish you the very best with your career. Thank you so very much. Joann Rivera, Mother of the Bride!" 

~ Joelene & Robert 

"Wow, you exceeded my expectations. Having my pictures on my doorstep the day I came home from my honeymoon was the best wedding present! You are the hardest working photographer I have ever met (and remember I'm in the business, I meet a lot of them). You understood exactly what I wanted and went above and beyond. With your permission I would like to add you to my referral page on my videography website (just as a thank you) but also because I love to recommend people who truly know what they are doing. You were everywhere and nowhere (that's a compliment, I promise). Sincerely, an extremely happy bride, Kirsten” 

~ Kirsten & Wes