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Anne & Mike: New Jersey Wedding Photography at the Silverball Museum Arcade in Asbury Park

Anne and Mike had been together as a couple for nearly a decade but getting married and planning a traditional wedding was not something they felt suited them and their personalities.

After attending their friends’ Terrence and Greg’s intimate DIY wedding (which I also photographed), they realized a wedding need not be traditional nor extravagant yet still be a whole lot of fun for themselves, their families and their guests. They came across the Silverball Museum Arcade in Asbury Park, New Jersey, and they knew they had found their dream wedding venue.

When they asked me if I would photograph their wedding, I was a bit hesitant at first. You see, both of them are amazingly talented photographers. Anne is an editorial photographer for (201) Magazine and Mike is an award-winning photojournalist for The Record newspaper in Bergen County. And just check out their breathtaking photography on their travel blog, We Are Tourists. Talk about pressure!

But of course, I said “I do” because I take it as a great honor to be trusted by other photographers especially ones whose work I admire. Plus, I knew it was going to be a blast photographing at a pinball arcade and I was right.

After I delivered the photos to them, I received this kind note from Mike, “People are really impressed that you captured so many great moments and the fun that people were having — Anne and I, of course, knew that you would!” Whew! Pressure is off! 🙂

Congratulations, Anne and Mike! Thank you for making me a part of your celebration.

Fun Fact: Anne and Mike had to move their wedding a week later because the Asbury Park Zombie Walk  was going to take place on their original wedding date!
Anne-Mike Collage 63Anne-Mike Collage 1Anne-Mike Collage 2Anne-Mike Collage 3Anne-Mike Collage 4Anne-Mike Collage 5Anne-Mike Collage 7Anne-Mike Collage 6Anne-Mike Collage 10Anne-Mike Collage 9Anne-Mike Collage 11Anne-Mike Collage 12Anne-Mike Collage 13Anne-Mike Collage 14Anne-Mike Collage 15Anne-Mike Collage 16Anne-Mike Collage 17Anne-Mike Collage 19Anne-Mike Collage 18Anne-Mike Collage 20Anne-Mike Collage 21Anne-Mike Collage 22Anne-Mike Collage 23Anne-Mike Collage 24Anne-Mike Collage 25Anne-Mike Collage 26Anne-Mike Collage 27Anne-Mike Collage 28Anne-Mike Collage 29Anne-Mike Collage 31Anne-Mike Collage 30Anne-Mike Collage 32Anne-Mike Collage 36Anne-Mike Collage 34Anne-Mike Collage 35Anne-Mike Collage 33Anne-Mike Collage 37Anne-Mike Collage 38Anne-Mike Collage 39Anne-Mike Collage 40Anne-Mike Collage 41Anne-Mike Collage 43Anne-Mike Collage 44Anne-Mike Collage 42Anne-Mike Collage 46Anne-Mike Collage 47Anne-Mike Collage 48Anne-Mike Collage 45Anne-Mike Collage 49Anne-Mike Collage 50Anne-Mike Collage 51Anne-Mike Collage 52Anne-Mike Collage 54Anne-Mike Collage 55Anne-Mike Collage 53Anne-Mike Collage 56Anne-Mike Collage 57Anne-Mike Collage 58Anne-Mike Collage 61Anne-Mike Collage 62Anne-Mike Collage 59Anne-Mike Collage 60

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