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Suzanne & John: New Jersey Wedding Photography at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart and Newark Museum

Today marks the half-anniversary of Suzanne and John who got married on June 20. To celebrate, I’m posting some of my favorite photos from their beautiful wedding.

The ceremony was held at the majestic Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart. According to Suzanne, her great-grandfather, Samuel Yobbi, was a stonemason who helped build it. They were wed by John’s friend, Fr. Brian Jordan, who is the chaplain of the building trades in New York City.

Their reception took place at the Newark Museum where guests were able to enjoy the art in the North Wing galleries and tour the Ballantine House, a restored Victorian mansion.

June 20 is significant for this couple because it’s the date that Suzanne’s grandparents tied the knot in 1942. They were married for 66 years. Here’s wishing Suzanne and John as many years of wedded bliss!

Read Suzanne’s kind review here.
Suzanne-John Collage 55Suzanne-John Collage 61Suzanne-John Collage 56Suzanne-John Collage 58Suzanne-John Collage 65Suzanne-John Collage 63Suzanne-John Collage 66Suzanne-John Collage 75Suzanne-John Collage 78Suzanne-John Collage 80Suzanne-John Collage 83Suzanne-John Collage 87Suzanne-John Collage 90Suzanne-John Collage 92Suzanne-John Collage 97Suzanne-John Collage 5Suzanne-John Collage 1Suzanne-John Collage 2Suzanne-John Collage 20Suzanne-John Collage 3Suzanne-John Collage 4Suzanne-John Collage 24Suzanne-John Collage 8Suzanne-John Collage 9Suzanne-John Collage 12Suzanne-John Collage 17Suzanne-John Collage 18Suzanne-John Collage 19Suzanne-John Collage 23Suzanne-John Collage 26Suzanne-John Collage 28Suzanne-John Collage 29Suzanne-John Collage 30Suzanne-John Collage 31Suzanne-John Collage 32Suzanne-John Collage 33Suzanne-John Collage 34Suzanne-John Collage 35Suzanne-John Collage 36Suzanne-John Collage 37Suzanne-John Collage 38Suzanne-John Collage 39Suzanne-John Collage 40Suzanne-John Collage 41Suzanne-John Collage 43Suzanne-John Collage 42Suzanne-John Collage 46Suzanne-John Collage 49Suzanne-John Collage 48Suzanne-John Collage 50Suzanne-John Collage 52Suzanne-John Collage 47Suzanne-John Collage 54Suzanne-John Collage 53Suzanne-John Collage 57Suzanne-John Collage 60Suzanne-John Collage 59Suzanne-John Collage 64Suzanne-John Collage 62Suzanne-John Collage 73Suzanne-John Collage 71Suzanne-John Collage 79Suzanne-John Collage 82Suzanne-John Collage 81Suzanne-John Collage 86Suzanne-John Collage 89Suzanne-John Collage 96Suzanne-John Collage 91Suzanne-John Collage 104Suzanne-John Collage 119Suzanne-John Collage 112Suzanne-John Collage 118Suzanne-John Collage 117Suzanne-John Collage 123Suzanne-John Collage 122Suzanne-John Collage 125Suzanne-John Collage 70

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